Whatever size home, apartment, or office you have, InGrid is the perfect fit. For smaller homes and apartments, the Basic Kit will have you covered in minutes—with a console, base, handset and three sensors, you get protective redundancy and multiple communication paths to InGrid’s professional monitoring center.

For average sized homes between 2000 and 3000 square feet, the InGrid Home kit comes with everything you need to have your secure grid of protection running in minutes—the base, console, grid extender, keychain remote, handset and eight window and door sensors. Additional sensors for more windows are a snap to add on, and inexpensive.

If you have a larger home, the Home Kit can be customized by adding multiple Grid Extenders to cover more square feet by incorporating additional sensors. No need for workmen to come to your home, drill holes and drag wires. All-digital means all homes are welcome.

Yes, InGrid can be easily set up in minutes, but that doesn’t mean it is any less powerful than the most sophisticated dealer installed security systems. InGrid provides protection on multiple layers, making it far harder to defeat and more reliable than most professionally installed systems- at a far less expensive price.

While most professionally installed systems are built to have a single point of vulnerability (a single master control panel that can be disabled in seconds), InGrid distributes the control points to several controllers, each a fully functioning mini-system that “talks” with each of the sensors. Disable one, the others still work. So when there’s an emergency, you have added assurance that the emergency alert will go to our monitoring center.