Protect yourself with the best insurance and legal plans possible, to aid in the redemption of your identity in the unfortunate circumstance of becoming a victim of identity fraud. If your identity is stolen, you may be responsible for the thousands of dollars it takes to restore your credit. Let Identashield and FHTM help arm you with the right tools to restore your identity.

Identashield offers access to 22,000 attorneys in all 50 states, 7 free services provided by attorneys, 8 common services at deeply discounted fixed rates, contingency discounts and low hourly rates for all other legal matters.
To restore your Identity after a fraud, Identashield has appointed experts to guide you through the process of clearing your name and software that includes capabilities to maintain control of your accounts, organize and track account information, draft letters and forms required to reclaim your identity and create reports to file with law enforcement.

ID theft insurance is also available for up to $25,000 in reimbursements for lost wages, notary and certified mail charges, fees for loan applications that were denied due to the theft, long distance charges and attorney fees.

FHTM and Identashield will be there to help you after Identity theft. Be prepared for anything. Have the means and resources to protect yourself. Approximately 10 million Americans have already fallen victim to Identity theft and fraud crimes. All of this is available for $15.99 per month, plus a one time setup fee of $15.00.