GE Security

With GE Home Security from Protect America, it is now easier than ever to protect what means most to you. With customizable systems to meet your specific needs, keep your family, possessions and investments safe. GE and Protect America are continually advancing new technologies that help homeowners monitor their properties, make schools safer, improve airline security, and more.

With a lifetime replacement of parts warranty and state of the art UL listed technology, you can rest easy. The highest quality products, competitive pricing and up to 20% off of homeowner insurance makes GE from Protect America the Home Security leader in the industry. One button arming, pager features, door chimes and a 24 hour emergency button make around the clock peace of mind a reality. Let GE Home Security from Protect America give you the power to protect your family and your home.

Here are just a few of the reasons to trust your security with a GE Wireless Home Security System from Protect America:

  • One Button Arming: You arm your wireless home security system by pushing a single button. The Peacekeeper® wireless home security system comes with entry/exit delays at the doors you select, and you can also put these same doors and windows on instant alert with the push of a single button.
  • Pager Feature: The wireless home security system has a pager feature. Should your child not return from school at the proper time and turn off the system, the system can be programmed to page you.
  • 24-hour Emergency Button: You have access to an emergency panic button that allows you to summon help 24 hours a day.
  • Battery Back-up: In the event of a power failure, your Command Station will automatically convert from AC to DC.
  • Door Chime: The wireless home security system will, at your request, act as a door chime. Should your child try to slip out a door unattended, the system will notify you.