MyTelTag Messenger is a messaging platform that provides a simple and cost effective method in which to communicate with your FHTM organization through the use of voice messaging!

MyTelTag Messenger enables all FHTM Representatives to effortlessly reach all subscribers in their organization with personal voice messages. It also ensure that you will stay in touch and receive up to date information for the FHTM Corporate Staff. These messages are delivered by depositing voice messages in an individual, personalized voice mailbox that each FHTM Representative receives when they sign up for MyTelTag Messenger.

Because MyTelTag Messenger is fully integrated with FHTM’s genealogy data, all FHTM Representatives are ensured that when their messages are sent, they are delivered to all MyTelTag subscribers in their downline… automatically! MyTelTag Messenger also allows FHTM Representatives to forward messages, and keeps a complete log of all sent messages. Additionally, FHTM Representatives can import any audio file into MyTelTag Messenger and send it to their team!

In addition to the messaging platform, Reps who subscribe to MyTelTag will be given access to a tool called Downline Visualizer. Be sure to click on "Visualizer" once you have purchased and logged in to your MyTelTag Messenger account. From there, you will see your own organization illustrated in a way that you could probably never imagine! Visualizer is an interactive way to display downline data; unlike a standard line by line report, Visualizer is truly revolutionary tool! It features filtering options such as name, location (state flags), start date, etc. This tool will allow you to truly “see” your downline in an interactive illustration at the click of a button!

All of these tools are available for $19.99 per month, with a onetime setup fee of $15.00.*
We recommend FHTM Representatives utilize MyTelTag Messenger to drive activity within their teams to motivate, train and educate!