FHTM VISP offers dial-up internet access from anywhere in the country. With 43,000 domestic dial-up Points of Presence (POPs), it is easy to access the Internet whether at home, or on the road. FHTM VISP utilizes the best backbone providers in the industry—UUNET, Qwest and Level 3. With speeds up to 56K, toll-free Tech Support and 24/7 Customer Service, you can quickly and easily access your free personalized e-mail account from anywhere, and fix problems immediately.

With Filtered Internet Access, you can control and limit the web surfing of your family. Plus, view webpages 3 to 5 times faster with the optional Internet Accelerator. With no set-up or start-up fees, and services starting as low as $16.95 per month, you can be online with FHTM::VISP today!